A new way to farm

We grow all our produce in rooftop greenhouses in the heart of Cape Town. These greenhouses combine sunlight and rainwater with cutting-edge hydroponic urban farming.

The result: sustainably grown, super tasty, super fresh microgreens.

Grey, concrete rooftops are transformed into beautiful green spaces.

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Fresh microgreens are grown in a custom-built greenhouse.

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The greenhouse is sustainably powered by sunlight and rainwater. We use cutting-edge hydroponic farming with advanced water recycling.

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Good for

Our greenhouses are powered by sunlight and rainwater. We use a sustainable hydroponic water recycling system, thereby soaking up minimal amounts of the Mother City’s precious water.

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Using hyperlocal farming in Cape Town CBD allows us to deliver fresh farm-to-plate produce. Our microgreens are free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

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the City

We're on a mission to give Cape Town a green skyline. We're turning rooftops from unsightly, unused, concrete areas into beautiful, green features — one rooftop at a time.

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We're helping building owners add a unique, green space to their properties. Along the way, we're building a sustainable business and creating agricultural jobs in the city.

Building owner in Cape Town?
Let's turn your rooftop into a microgreens farm!