Transform your rooftop.

Your empty, concrete rooftop is a diamond in the rough.

Let us help you transform it into a beautiful, green space by creating a custom-built greenhouse and managing everything for you. 

Add a unique building feature.

Your tenants will love a green rooftop escape from the office life. A rooftop farm is a great way to show you care about sustainability.

Be part of the revolution.

Help give Cape Town a green skyline. Get bragging rights for having a cutting-edge, active hydroponic farm on your rooftop.

Low cost and effort

We draw up plans, get approval from the City, and build the greenhouse. Once ready, we maintain it. All we need from you is your space and your investment budget.

Stress-free operations

We'll explain in exact detail who'll need access to your rooftop, when, and how, to maintain the greenhouse and run the farm.

Create a unique, green space for your building’s tenants.

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Our experienced architect works with you to obtain approval for the greenhouse from the City of Cape Town.

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We install and maintain your greenhouse. We farm in the greenhouse on a daily basis.

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Apply now

What happens next?

Once we’ve received and reviewed your info, we’ll reach out to you to set up an on-site inspection.

Any questions?

Because each building and rooftop is different, we’ll be able to calculate what’s possible with your budget after an on-site inspection.

Roots and Leaves will visit the greenhouse daily to farm, and will proactively fix any issues. We take care of everything.

Our architect will work with you to draw up plans and get approval from the City of Cape Town.

Our structural engineer will assess your roof to determine if it has sufficient load-bearing capacity.

Want to chat?

Please call, Whatsapp or email Riekert Koen, our Head of Operations.